Tango’s Maiden Voyage

Our kayaks Mango and Tango. This is Tango’s maiden voyage. It shouldn’t be hard to figure out which one is which by the names.

At the end of August, Regis and I purchased 2 kayaks.  Since my kayak had to be ordered, the outfitter loaned us a kayak until it came in.  We kayaked in North Carolina and a couple times in Florida before my kayak came in the day before our trip to Maryland.  Yesterday, we were able to take my new kayak, that I christened Tango, on her maiden voyage.  Regis’ kayak is Mango.

We paddled on the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and entered from a ramp on the east side.  It gave us a good view of some of the damage to the houses, businesses, and docks from Hurricane Matthew.  We saw the workers at one of our favorite waterfront restaurants.  We look forward to the businesses getting back up and running.

As we got further north, we paddled through the marshes.  I kept losing Regis and want to get him a flag for his kayak so I can see it above the marsh grasses.  I thought we were going to get lost back there and wind up having to spend the night.

We crossed the ICW after exiting the marsh grasses and came upon a two-seater piece of furniture sitting nicely on a bar of oyster shells.  We wondered if it floated there and someone placed it strategically in the spot.  It was too perfectly situated to have been random.  Perhaps on a future trip we’ll bring a cooler of beverages, pull our kayaks up on the oyster bar, sit on the settee and watch the yachts head south on the ICW for the winter.

We learned a valuable lesson about the current and tides.  We started off heading north thinking that would be the hardest part of the trip and heading back would put us with the wind and current on our side.  That did not turn out to be the case and I was exhausted by the time we got the kayak to the ramp.  I could barely lift it by then.  It was a fight against the current to get back.  But, it was good exercise for me and it was a beautiful day.  (I kept hearing my former personal trainer’s voice in my head egging me on!)

Last evening, I introduced Dart to my friend’s dog Chaco.  My friend lives on the beach, so we had the dogs meet on the beach on neutral territory.  Dart was smitten.  He adores Chaco.  Walking that part of the beach was sad.  There is so much garbage and pieces of people’s lives still strewn all over the beach.  It is dangerous to go in the water because there are boards and other items that can wound you or entangle you.  Many of the boards are large and have nails sticking out.  I think it will be a long time before everything gets cleaned up.

In my last post, I mentioned how much Dart likes to chase bicyclists when we are on our walks.  Most of the bicyclists know him.  On our walk this morning, as I saw two cyclists heading our way, I started my bribery overtures with Dart.  I used pieces of cheese to try to get him behave.  It worked!  As the cyclists passed us and realized Dart didn’t lunge or bark at them, one of them yelled “good dog”.

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