RV Heater Fixed Finally

Yes, the heater that has been broken since we purchased our motor home last spring has finally been fixed.  Camping World in St. Augustine made the relatively simple fix that was required.  We are still waiting for the part to come in to Camping World in St. George, Utah that we apparently don’t need.  Go figure.

We went kayaking on the water front of historic St. Augustine and have some video below.  The edge of the fort is on the right in the first video with the Bridge of Lions in the distance.  The second video is at the marina by the Bridge of Lions.  You will notice the pirate ship Black Raven on the right and the demolished Santa Maria restaurant on the left.  It was on my list of places to go to dinner.  Obviously, that’s not happening.  Also, there is a sunk boat in one of the slips and a diver and bunch of guys are in the process of trying to get it up.  It will be a long process, so we didn’t wait to see the end.

We saw two pairs of dolphins swimming through the harbor.  I saw a ray as we paddled back.  It was a beautiful day to kayak.


One Comment on “RV Heater Fixed Finally

  1. I am so happy that you both are enjoying your kayaks. Looks like in the video that there will be quite a clean up taking place after the hurricane.


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