Living With Dart Part 2

Things Dart Hates:

.  Vultures.  The vultures used to sit on top of the barn and spread their wings at our last house.  Dart barked and barked at them and they ignored him.  He saw some vultures again the other day.  He harbors the same hatred of them.

Vulture tormenting Dart.

.  Noises.  Dart hates lots of noises including storms, motor homes, etc.  He won’t ride in the back of the motor home when it is moving because it makes too many noises.  He hates when we are leveling the motor home and putting out (or in) the slides.

.  Cuddling.  Dart is not a cuddler (except with my friend Kristi, my mom, and Tekoe).  If he lays down next to me, he will leave if I try to pet him.

.  Children.  They scare him!

.  Boisterous dogs.

.  Water and wind.  He likes the sand on the beach but doesn’t like it if it’s windy.  He doesn’t like getting his feet wet.  He looks like a canine sandpiper when we walk in the water because he walks as close as he can without getting wet and runs away when a wave comes.

.  Heat.  It makes it hard to do outdoor activities with him when it is hot and the sun is out.  Even in winter, he will often avoid the sun.

.  Stop Playing.  He hates when you stop playing with him.

.  Riding in the car.  This is unfortunate since we travel so much and we take him with us a lot.  He is tolerant but doesn’t love it like so many dogs do. He also won’t ride in anything else (e.g. tractor, golf cart, canoe).  He will never get to go kayaking with us.

.  Muttluks.  He has a pair for the snow (not that he needs them in Florida).  But, they a helpful to him even if he doesn’t like them.

Things Dart Loves:

.  Liver.

.  Playing.  He especially likes his flying disc and his ball. He prefers if Regis or I throw it.  If someone else throws it when we are around, he will bring it back to one of us.  He also prefers old, decrepit flying discs over new ones.

.   Agility.  He loves to run the agility course and especially loves the tunnels.

.  Homemade food.

.  Walking and hiking, especially off leash.

.  Chasing squirrels.  But, he hates that they cheat by running up trees.

.  Small animals.  He once licked a baby bunny to death.  He also saved a baby squirrel.  After hurricane Irene, he found it lying beneath a tree.  He kept staring at it and me until I came over to see what was going on.  The poor little squirrel was soaked.  Since it had been there for a while and we couldn’t reach the nest, we gave it to a wildlife rehabilitator , who saved it and named it Irene.

Squirrel Dart found after Hurricane Irene. The squirrel was appropriately named Irene.

.  Copper and Tekoe.  Two collies who Dart grew up with.  Tekoe was especially sweet with him and he rewarded her by harassing her all the time.  She was very patient with him and never snapped at him.

Dart playing with his buddy Copper.
Dart cuddling with Tekoe.
Dart harassing Tekoe.

.  Border collies.  Dart has a soft spot for border collies.  He was once made an honorary border collie at an agility trial.

.  Dog friends.  Dart has several dog friends.

A sheltie get together. From left to right, Hershey, Magic, and Dart. Magic and Dart are litter mates. They love each other. You can also tell they are brothers by their unique personalities.

.  Chasing things that move.

.  Drinking out of bird baths.

Dart and Kira drinking out of a bird bath. Don’t tell them it’s not a dog dish.
Tekoe took care of all the puppies she met. Here she is taking care of Coco, my sons dog in several of our blog posts.


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