Stink Bugs!

By Linda

Stink Bug in our motor home. One of too many.

Ugh.  Before we moved to St. Augustine, Florida we lived in Lothian, Maryland and had lots of experience with stink bugs.  Last fall, we visited Maryland and stayed at my brother’s property in Lothian, Maryland.  As soon as we arrived, the stink bugs began to invade the motor home.  Little did we realize how many of them were taking up residence.

The motor home has been in storage since our trip to Maryland in October and now we are venturing out on our trip to visit parts of Florida.  It has been a stink bug invasion.  First, we had to clean up all the dead stink bugs that were lying all over the motor home.  It would have been nice if they had all died and that was the end of it.  Not so!!!!

The stink bugs have been crawling out of their hiding spaces and flying around the motor home.  The first time I took a shower this trip, I was visited by a stink bug after I turned the shower on.  I do not know where that guy was hiding but I DID NOT appreciate his arrival.  I’m sure Regis is tired of me complaining about these guys.  (Of course, he doesn’t like them either.)

Every evening, a few more of them make their way out of their hiding places and into the motor home and fly around.  We have to rid ourselves of them before retiring to bed.  I don’t know how much longer we will have to do this before they are all gone.  No more trips to Maryland in the fall while stink bugs are looking for a place to spend the winter.

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