Least Tern Chicks and Almost Time to Leave

By Linda

I have been doing some bird stewarding for the Audubon Society as part of the Florida Shorebird Alliance.  We hang around posted Least Tern colonies to educate people about the birds and help to keep people and pets away from the colonies to give the birds a chance to be successful in rearing a new generation.  This was my last week-end of stewarding since we are leaving soon.  I didn’t think I would get a chance to see any chicks but I was wrong!  I saw my first chicks yesterday and got some video today.  It was taken through a Swarovski spotting scope with my handheld HTC phone in the wind.  Considering that, it’s a pretty good video!  You can see two little chicks huddled under one of the parents.  The other parent comes by with a snack and feeds one of the chicks.

Skimmers, Gulls, and Least Terns at Anastasia State Park. This picture was taken through a scope. Notice the bill on the Skimmer. That is the guy with the orange and black bill. The top bill is shorter than the bottom bill. The birds skim along the top of the water dragging their lower bill through the water to catch fish.

Yesterday, Regis came along for the ride while I was stewarding.  I stayed by the colony for my three hour shift and he wandered Anastasia State Park.  He visited the campground to check out their recent renovations to make it easier for larger rigs to fit into one of the loops.  He saw a squirrel who had just robbed a campsite.  The squirrel was struggling with a jar of peanuts he had stolen.  Since it was a plastic jar, that squirrel hit the peanut jackpot.

As for trip preparations, we have loaded more than half the stuff into the RV.  The Motor Home was detailed and you need sunglasses to look at it because it is so shiny.  We took our bicycles in to the shop to get them ready for the trip.  The oil has been changed in the car.  Dart will get his bath later this week.  Almost all reservations have been made.  We are getting in trip mode!

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