Rhode Island

Our trip from Maryland to Rhode Island was the longest single day distance we plan to travel on this journey.  I was not looking forward to it.  It turned out to not be as bad as I expected.  Still, it was not pleasant.  The traffic in New York and Connecticut was very congested.  I drove some of the way through Connecticut and I tend to tighten my grip on the steering wheel in lots of traffic.  Even when Regis is driving in bad traffic, I sit in the passenger seat and help to keep an eye out for issues.  By the time we arrived in our campground in Rhode Island, we were exhausted.  We went to bed early and fell asleep right away.

Fortunately, we still managed to arrive in our campground late afternoon.  We had plenty of daylight left to set up camp and relax a little.  Today, we fit a lot in.  I ran in the morning and then walked Dart.  He was a little confused because I usually walk him first when we are in Florida to get his walk in before the sun rises too much.  It is nice and cool here, so I ran first.  We got almost a 4 mile walk in for him, so he was pretty happy.  Regis and I did the wash.  By then it was only about 10:30 when we got back to the campsite.  We went for a bike ride to check out the area.  Regis almost got killed by a car who cut right in front of him to turn right.  I’m still not sure how he managed to not get hit.  I went grocery shopping after lunch and after we ate dinner, we headed to the beach again to try to get some pictures to post.

We were at Judith Point in Rhode Island and got this lovely picture of a guy and his dog.  This dog was still wet from swimming.

Judith Point Lighthouse in Rhode Island.

I went to the beach to see what photographic opportunities presented themselves and Dart and Regis sat in the rocks out of the wind.

Regis and Dart avoiding the wind.

Earlier today we saw some guys surfing.  Coming from Florida, I don’t know how you can surf up here.  First, it is cold.  Second, and most importantly, there are rocks!!  If you crash ashore in Florida, you tumble in the sand.  In Rhode Island, you crash against the rocks.  It doesn’t seem like fun to me.

Surf in Rhode Island.

We are having an intimate relationship with a wind turbine in our campground.  The turbine supplies all the electricity for the campground and five state beaches.  It has been interesting listening to the different sounds it makes depending upon how fast the wind is blowing.  Sometimes, it sounds like a frog.  Sometimes, it blows too fast and brakes to slow down.

Wind Turbine in Rhode Island.

We have seen several Ospreys building nests.  The closest Osprey nest to our home in Florida recently hatched two chicks.  Here, they are still in the process of building nests.  It’s fun to watch them carry their large sticks to the nest.

By the way, this is my 49th state to have visited!!!! Wahoo!  I only have Hawaii left to go and I am certain we won’t be doing that in the motor home.

Seagull who posed very nicely through several shots so I have to include this guy/gal.

By the way:  We plan to do a Where’s Dart on Monday.  It will be hard.  Please note that we will still be in Rhode Island.

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