Acadia National Park


Dog at entrance sign to Acadia National Park
Dart at entrance to Acadia National Park

Several folks guessed correctly where Dart was.  He was on the top of Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island.  Bar Harbor is directly behind Dart on the Island.  The cruise ship in the harbor is visiting Bar Harbor.

We did a walking tour of Bar Harbor.  With the cruise ship in town, it was very crowded. We noticed that Lobster rolls were very expensive at the first restaurant where folks disembarked from the ship.  The rolls got cheaper a few blocks away.

Steps to view Bass Harbor Lighthouse.

We drove around the Island a bit and watched another spectacular sunset from our campsite.  The clouds were a little more interesting this evening.

Southwest Harbor (1 of 1)
Southwest Harbor
Red Sailboat, white sails, blue water.
Red Sailboat, white sails, blue water.
Sunset at KOA campsite in Bar Harbor Day 2.

We saw a few seals today.

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