Rainy Day

Atlantic ocean in the rain from Acadia National Park.

I was supposed to go whale watching today but the trip was canceled as a result of bad weather.  We decided to hike along the coast in the rain.  It wasn’t raining too hard, so I felt comfortable taking Dart.  If it was raining hard and he would get soaked, I wouldn’t take him.

Acadia National Park is a very dog friendly park.  You can take your dog on most trails and carriage paths.  There are two beaches that don’t allow dogs and a few very strenuous trails.  Dogs likely couldn’t go on the trails anyway because it requires going up iron rungs pounded into the cliff face and scrambling over rocks.  The Island Explorer, which is the local public transportation for the park, allows dogs.  I’ve never seen that before.  Unfortunately, they don’t start operations until next week so we didn’t get to take advantage of it.

Enjoying the view in spite of the rain. These guys had the right idea!
Two people enjoying Otter Point in Acadia National Park.

It is very pretty in the rain.  The world is much softer and the water droplets on the plants look amazing.

Flower in the rain.
Buds in the rain.
Flowers growing in a tough spot on the Atlantic coast.

Regis saw a gull catch a crab.  To see some video click here.  If you are rooting for the crab, I don’t recommend watching the video.

Gull with recently captured crab.
This picture is for my mom. She loves rocks.

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