Hadlock Brook Loop Carriage Trail

Hadlock Brook Bridge Acadia National Park.

Thwarted again.  The whale watch cruise was canceled because of the weather.  Our backup plan was to walk one of the carriage trail loops.  My goodness it was beautiful.  Because of the fog, we didn’t get any grand views but the trail, the flora, the bridges, and the waterfalls were beautiful.

Waterfall Acadia National Park.

We saw hikers, bikers, and an equestrian.  The cooler weather made for a pleasant hike.  We met a woman who’s family has been coming to the area since the 1870’s.  She shared some personal history with us.  Her mother and brother were both born on the island. She says she is 70 and has been coming here for 71 years.  Her mother was pregnant with her while visiting the island.  Basically, the family is from Philadelphia and summered here and if that’s when you were to be born, then you were born here.

Equestrian enjoying the carriage trail in Acadia National Park.

I have included a bunch of pictures below because I think the beauty of the trails is something to be shared.

Carriage trail Acadia National Park.
Carriage trail Acadia National Park.
Waterfall under Waterfall Bridge in Acadia National Park.
Path off carriage trail in Acadia National Park.
Carriage trail Acadia National Park.
Brown Mountain Gate in Acadia National Park.
Carriage trail Acadia National Park.
Carriage trail Acadia National Park.

We have still not been able to kayak even though we can put our kayaks in from our campsite.  It has been very foggy and Regis thinks we would just go around in circles for an eternity since we don’t have a compass.  He found a compass app for the cell phone, but it still doesn’t seem to be a good idea to kayak in the fog, much less in a place in which you are not familiar.

7 Comments on “Hadlock Brook Loop Carriage Trail

  1. Thanks for the postings and photos, Linda. I’m enjoying your trip to Maine. I love that the fog makes many of your photos look like paintings. My husband Mike and I took a trip to Maine several summers ago and fell in love with it. If it didn’t get so dark and cold there in the winter (and I wasn’t such a sissy about such things), I think it would be the perfect place to live.


    • I agree with you about the winters. You could always summer here. We may do that sometime when we decide to stay in one spot for the summer.


    • This is regis. Thanks for following and glad you are enjoying the trip. We are having a good time. The fog does do a good job of softening the pics. however, we haven’t seen the sun since the 16th for the where’s Dart post. Doesn’t look like it’s going to shine for a couple more days. The flip side of being dark in the winter is that during the summer the is plenty of daylight, seemingly filtered through fog! We just read that on the summer solstice there is 17 hours of day light. The night sky starts to brighten about 3:30- 4:00. No sleeping late here which is good cause we can get going for the day and be done BEFORE everyone else start to make the place crowded!


  2. Stunning pictures. I love your blog so much. Makes me almost feel like I’m taking the trip with you. I need to dust off my bucket list and start filling it up with things to do, places to go. 🙂


    • The secret is to empty your bucket list at least as fast as you are filling it up. I highly recommend you consider Acadia National Park for a future trip. You won’t be sorry. I am glad you are enjoying it. We are having fun doing the posts.


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