Biking in Acadia

0619 Mushroom (1 of 1)
Underside of a mushroom on Mount Desert Island in Maine.

Last night it was very windy and rainy.  I am glad I wasn’t sleeping in a tent.  The weather has once again caused the whale watch to be canceled.  We can’t go kayaking because, not only is it dangerous, but we wouldn’t be able to see much off the end of the kayak.  I could achieve something similar by entering a sensory deprivation tank.

Multi-trunked tree seen on hike by Acadia National Park visitor center.

We walked Dart on the carriage trails to get in some exercise and then dropped him off at the motor home so we could go cycling.  I picked the longest loop in the system, 11.1 miles.  That didn’t seem so bad.  We cycle that easily in Florida.  But, Florida is flat and Maine is not.  This was not as easy as I had thought it would be.  The good news is that we got to finally use all 21 gears on the bicycles.  Actually, I didn’t use any gears going downhill.  I let gravity do all the work.

We took this picture of one of the scenic views.  All the scenic views looked the same – trees with dense fog beyond.  Regis wanted to post 10 gray pictures and have us give different titles for each of the scenic views.  I think one picture will give you the idea.  I’m sure that the views would have been wonderful but we will have to find out on a future trip.

Regis took some video of our cycling through the carriage trails.  To see it click here.

A typical view of all the scenic overlooks today on our 11 mile cycling trip on the carriage trails in Acadia National Park. Lots of fog.

Next, we are heading further north in Maine, hoping to find Pete’s Dragon.

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