West Quoddy Head Lighthouse

0622 West Quoddy Head Lighthouse (1 of 1)
West Quoddy Head Light in Maine.
0621 Dart on Quoddy Sign (1 of 1)
Dart at the easternmost point in the U.S. at Quoddy Head Lighthouse.

Dart was at West Quoddy Head Lighthouse.  According to the park brochure, the light was installed in 1808.  In 1858, the present red-and-white tower replaced the original.  It was automated in 1988.  As for why it is called West Quoddy Head when it is the easternmost lighthouse, I don’t know.

Wildflowers are in bloom all over the state.  The lupines are particularly beautiful and we have seen many fields of them.

0621 Bridge to Canada and Lupines (1 of 1)
Bridge to Campobello Island in Canada from Lubec, Maine in the U.S. Lupines are in the foreground.

We are currently visiting Eastport, Maine on Passamaquoddy Bay.  As I recall, Pete’s Dragon lived in the town of Passamaquoddy.  There is no such town, but we are keeping an eye out for Pete in case he is hanging around the Bay.  There is also a native American tribe called Passamaquoddy with tribal lands located on the Bay.