East Quoddy Head Light and Whales

East Quoddy Head Light in Canada.

There is an East Quoddy Head Lighthouse and it is in Canada.  It is only accessible by foot at low tide.  I saw it on my whale watching tour that left from Eastport, Maine.  We went out on a lobster boat.  We saw a few minke whales, eagle, seals, sea lions, a variety of birds, lobsters, crabs, and fish.  At the end of the tour, they pulled up a couple lobster pots.  They had a few lobsters, lots of crabs, and a few fish.  I was impressed that the captain of the boat took the time to pick up some trash that was floating in the water.

American Bald Eagle sitting on a tree in Canada.
Sea mammals basking in the sun.
I don’t know what this seal was doing. It was adorable.
Minke whale.

It is dark here at night.  Very dark.  The fireflies seem very big to me.  I don’t know if that is because they are big or because there is no other light around so they appear bigger.  The stars at night are amazing.

No one from Maine will be surprised to hear me say this but the bugs are BUGGING me!  The mosquitoes are out of control.  If we take shore hikes, it is not to bad.  I took Dart for a walk through the woods today and regretted it.  I won’t do that again.  Dart was oblivious to the torture as he smelled his way slowly along the trail.  He may have been in heaven but I spent my time looking like a human windmill with my arms.

Last evening, the squirrels around our campsite went nuts.  They were running around and chattering.  I don’t know what got them all riled up, but they were chasing each other all over the place.

While we were in Eastport, Regis found a bakery.   Besides what we ate there, we brought some back.  At the RV, I had to remind Regis that I don’t have access to 911 if he overdoses on all that sugar.

Sign in window of bakery in Eastport, Maine.
Being safe.
Wall painting in the ladies bathroom at restaurant in Eastport, Maine.

3 Comments on “East Quoddy Head Light and Whales

  1. RE: Ladies’ room painting: there appears to be a hinged flap. Real or trompe l’oeil?


  2. The picture of the one about weight seems to fit me. Dont you think? 😊


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