Coastal Hike

Regis and Dart on coastal hike.

We went on a hike along the coast today.  The weather was beautiful.  The scenery was beautiful.  What a great day!

We got a couple videos of the wave action along the coast.  Click here for some cool waves.  Click here to see a seal that showed up while I was doing some video.  I think the seal was checking me out.

Dart’s skills and abilities were both an asset and a liability for this hike.  There were lots of portions where logs were laid over boggy areas on the trail.  The logs were covered with chicken wire which helped a lot in making them less slippery.  Dart knows the command “walk it” for obstacles in agility trials.  Thankfully, he was great at walking on these boards over the wet areas.  No dirty paws!

Board walk over bog on coastal hike in Maine.
Chicken wire covering board walk on hike in Maine.

He had more trouble walking on the cobble stone beaches.  He tried but it was clear that it was very difficult for him.  He did the first couple beaches on his own, but eventually Regis gave him a lift.

This is a beach in Maine. Dart prefers the sandy beaches in Florida.

Once we got to the rocky coastline, Dart had difficulty walking along the huge rocks.  His legs weren’t long enough.  I have confidence in his jumping ability, but we were perched on the edge of a rough coastline.  One slip and he would be swimming with the fishes with no ability to retrieve him.  Regis carried him over the rough areas of the coastline.

Dart getting a lift over big rocks on coastal hike in Maine.
Tree on coastal hike. I wonder story this tree has to tell.

The locals told us there weren’t a lot of moose around here.  You mostly find them in the interior and further north in the state.  On the way back from our hike around 1:30 in the afternoon, we passed Moose Cove Road and I started to wonder if there were moose around there.  Before I could finish the thought, I rounded the bend and there was a beautiful moose standing in the middle of the road.  It scared the heck out of me.  Fortunately, I wasn’t driving too fast and was able to stop while the moose sauntered off the road.

There are so many mosquitos here that Regis is wondering about something.  Mosquitos apparently need blood to produce the next generation of mosquitos.  But, there doesn’t appear to be enough animals in the forest to produce enough blood for all these mosquitos.  How are they doing it?  This whole mosquito thing has Dart on edge.  Regis and I are constantly clapping our hands as we attempt to be serial mosquito killers in the RV.  They get in and we are often trying to kill those blood suckers between our hands.  Dart doesn’t like all the clapping and hides.  He’s probably becoming a nervous wreck.

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