Cobscook Bay State Park

Cobscook Bay State Park

We spent the last week camping in Cobscook Bay State Park and wanted to share some information about it since we love it so much.  This park is surrounded on three sides by Cobscook Bay.  The park has 106 campsites, many of which are situated on Whiting Bay which is a sheltered inlet from the larger bay.  The tides range 24 to 28 feet.  There are lots of tent campsites and most of them are spectacular.  Most of them have water views.  The campsites throughout the park are mostly private.  These are some of the nicest campsites we have seen.  There are no utilities but water spigots and primitive toilets are placed throughout the park.  There are showers and a dump station near the entrance.

Tent campsite Cobscook Bay State Park
Tent campsite Cobscook Bay State Park

We were not able to get a site with a water view.  There are only a few of them for mobile homes.  But, we still love our campsite and can always see the water from many locations.  There are lots of picnic tables that overlook the water.  If you don’t have a water view, you can spend time in the picnic area.  This park is sparsely attended so there are lots of available sites and no crowds.

There is a public boat ramp next to the park.  The nearest towns of any size are about 22 miles away in either direction.  I had to go 22 miles to a laundromat but it was a nice one.  The town of Whiting is about 4 miles from the campground and has a gas station with a convenience store.  The store also sells some groceries (e.g. meats, milk, etc.) and beer and wine.

We are not able to get cell phone service in the park and we use Verizon.  But, we can get access a few miles down the road.  We drive down the road to set up a hotspot to do the blog posts.

We finally managed to go kayaking.  Lovely.  Besides the beautiful scenery there were two cool wildlife events that happened.  There was a seal or multiple seals curious about us and kept popping up to check us out.  We never saw more than one at a time, so we don’t know if it was the same seal or not.  The seal(s) never got too close to us but close enough to see its eyes.

At one point, we heard a sound coming from behind us that sounded like a firecracker that had just been launched.  As the noise went by us we saw that it was a bird.  It was also a bird that was clearly targeting one of two other birds that had been flying over the shore.  We are certain that we witnessed a Peregrine Falcon hunting.  The other birds were onto him and took evasive maneuvers.  The Peregrine was not successful.  That was a once in a lifetime cool wildlife event for me.  The wind noise the bird made by flying so fast was as awesome as seeing it.

As we were launching our kayaks, we had to make sure we didn’t step on the sea stars.

2 Comments on “Cobscook Bay State Park

  1. Wow! a Perigrine.
    If I make it to Canada I will have to check this one out.


    • It was the coolest things i have heard! From the sound, that bird must have been pulling quite a few G’s coming out of that dive. He chased about about 1/4 mile to shore, where he probably lost the hunt in the trees.

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