Where’s Dart (4)?

Where’s Dart (4)? Which Canadian National Park in New Brunswick? On the horizon line are barrier islands.

Where is Dart?  He is in a National Park in the province of New Brunswick in Canada.  Note that there are barrier islands (hard to see) across the water behind Dart.

We crossed the border at Calais and the border crossing was a breeze.  There was only one other car ahead of us.  Otherwise, there was no one else crossing the border.

I noticed an interesting thing about the highway signs.  All signs are in both English and French.  When we first crossed the border, the signs were in English first and French second.  About halfway to our destination, it reversed and French was first and English second.

Canada is beautiful.  The wildflowers were in bloom along the highways, the scenery was gorgeous, and the clouds were magnificent.  It was a beautiful ride all the way to the campground.  Once we got to the ranger station, it started to rain.  While filling the tanks with water (we only have electrical hookups), the skies opened up and it poured.  The rain lightened a little while setting up camp and then completely stopped once we were finished.

Beautiful clouds over New Brunswick in Canada.

We have been listening to mostly French stations while we are driving.  With my many years of French, I still don’t know what they are saying.  I can pick up a word here and there.  I know they said pluie (sp?) yesterday which is French for rain.  It rained yesterday afternoon.  Was that a coincidence?

Dart likes to lay under the motor home when we are hanging around the campsite.  Regis was testing a mosquito repellent* and Dart was lying under the motor home.  At one point he stood up and had that look of discomfort about him.  Regis was wondering what was wrong when a rabbit came hopping out from under the motor home.  The rabbit didn’t care a hoot about Regis and Dart.  I walked or ran by several rabbits since we arrived and they don’t run away.  They may hop a few feet away, maybe.   If I had encountered rabbits like this when I was a child, I would have considered myself Snow White.

After dinner, I took Dart on a walk around the campground.  I felt like the nucleus of an atom.  Instead of electrons circling in orbits around me, they were flies.  Multiple flies flew in orbits around me without crashing into each other.  It was disconcerting and embarrassing.  I don’t see the flies doing this to other campers and I don’t want other campers to think poorly of me because I am surrounded by flies!

*My brother recommended trying Thermocell.  We were not able to get the devices, only the refills.  Off makes their own version and that is what Regis was trying out.  He said it helped.  The only problem with the device is that you are supposed to stay still.  While sitting around the campsite, it is a solution.   For hiking, we are trying Muskol which was developed by a Canadian.  I used it during Dart’s morning walk and on a run.  I remained relatively free of mosquito harassment.

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