Kouchibouguac National Park

We have been trying to upload this post ALL day. We may just have to buy a Canadian data plan to make it through the next several weeks.

In yesterday’s post, Dart is in Kouchibouguac National Park.

The Park is situated on the Northumberland Strait. Prince Edward Island is located on the other side of the strait and is blocking the Atlantic Ocean from direct access to the New Brunswick coast along the strait. The surf is very tame here. Apparently, the water can get warm in the summer. I don’t personally think it is very warm right now, but there were lots of people in the water at the beach. We were the only people on the beach with a tan and our tans have faded considerably since we left Florida.

We saw lots of common terns feeding and took a short video clip but we can’t post it until we get better internet access. There is a colony of common terns nesting on the barrier islands. They recently counted 5,400 nests. The Piping Plovers also nest on the islands but they only counted 8 nests. That’s not good.

Common Tern

It looks like they are upgrading the campground in the park to add services into more sites. It is a very nice campground. We only have electricity but that works out fine. It is electricity that I like having the most. Our freshwater tank holds a lot of water. We typically dump the gray or black tanks before we run out of water.

There are many trails around and several of them are great biking trails. One biking trail runs along the river. It is level here, unlike Maine. There are several programs run by the park. They do some programs in English and some in French. If you are not bilingual, you must pay attention to which program you are attending.

Although the campground offers free WIFI, it is not sufficient to do much. I had a lot of difficulty posting yesterday and there were only two pictures in the post. Even without the pictures I would have had trouble. There is no local Starbucks available! Although we will try to continue regular posts, we may be limited in our ability to share them with you until we get better access.

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