Happy Birthday Dart and USA

0704 Dart (1 of 1)
Dart wearing his USA bandanna in front of the Gulf of St Lawrence on Prince Edward Island.


Dart celebrates his birthday today also.  He is 7 years old.

In yesterday’s Where’s Dart post, he was in Shediac, New Brunswick.  It’s a nice little town and we had a wonderful lunch at the dog friendly Gabriele Hotel and Restaurant.  We sat on the deck outside in the great weather.  We had great service and the food was amazing.

We crossed the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island.

We took a road tour around the central part of Prince Edward Island today.  I was the navigator and got us turned the wrong way 3 times within the first half hour or so and I was reading the map in my hands.  Thank goodness it is an Island.  It’s hard to get too lost.  It also helps that we were in the car.  It’s easier to recover from situations like that in the car.

0704 Lupines (1 of 1)
Lupines on Prince Edward Island

Yesterday, we took a wrong turn after getting on the Island and had to take a long detour to get back to our destination.  The problem is an inability to make tight turns or back up with the motor home when we are towing the car.  It wasn’t so bad.  We got a nice tour of the countryside on the island and it is beautiful.  There are a lot of farms and it is very picturesque.  The grass is green.  The flowers are in bloom.  Most of the buildings are well kept.

0704 Gulf of St Lawrence (1 of 1)
Prince Edward Island on the Gulf of St Lawrence

We went through several towns with Irish names, like Shamrock.  They grow a lot of potatoes here.  Today, we drove by a Cavendish Agriculture building that smelled like french fries.  It’s possible they were making fries for packaging.

0704 French River (1 of 1)
French River on Prince Edward Island

We spent time last evening visiting with some fellow campers from Toronto.  We enjoyed their company and that chat.  We gave the little girl Dart’s Canadian headgear.  I think she appreciated more than Dart did.  He much prefers to where his stars and stripes bandanna.

We are enjoying the weather and lack of bugs.

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