Prince Edward Island

0705 Kayak Launch (1 of 1)
We launched our kayaks from here as the tide was going out and had to bring them in over this area. It was quite a trek and I intend to better time our launch next time so we don’t have to lug kayaks over so much squishy ground covered with lots of life. I don’t like stepping on all the living things.

We are thoroughly enjoying Prince Edward Island.  The plan to thwart the mosquitoes worked.  Regis bought a screened shelter so we could enjoy the outdoors in spite of the mosquitoes.  We have not had to use it.  We are able to enjoy the outdoors without unnecessary molestation by bugs.

This is Anne of Green Gables territory.  We drove around the island and there are lots of places associated with the author of Anne of Green Gables.  If you read the author’s works, you would be able to enjoy the areas that inspired her.  Sadly, I have not read her works but intend to do so now that I have been here.

The dirt is red here because of iron oxide.  It’s very interesting and makes Dart more patriotic.  He is already blue and white, so the red dirt on his paws adds the final red color.

When we drove around the island we saw LOTS of aquaculture here.  We’re are pretty sure they are raising lots of shellfish around here.

We went kayaking today.  We can launch from the campground.  We left as the tide was going out and had to drag our kayaks out to the water.  It was nothing compared to what we had to do bringing the kayaks back across the flats.  Nevertheless, we saw lots of life in the water.  There were lots of crabs and other shellfishes and baby fishes.  Once we got on the water we saw some magnificent maroon jelly fishes.  Wow it was beautiful!  We saw a crab that had sea weed wrapped around it like a boa.  It was very cute.  Next time we will be smart enough to bring the cameras!

2 Comments on “Prince Edward Island

  1. You will need a dry bag for camera. Very expensive to dry out old fashion one and digital will just fry. They sell underwater toss cameras but then you have film.
    Really enjoying your notes and planning my trip in August.


    • We have a dry bag for the SLR camera and we use a video camera that can go underwater to get the underwater shots. Today was much too windy though. Where will your travels take you in August?


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