Another RV tank story Plus bugs!

0706 Wood (1 of 1)
Looks like red oak to me!

We have written twice before about our “solution” to the bug problem, that was to purchase a screened tent room. By simply spending close to $200.00 (ca) and not even un-boxing it, it seems to have solved the problem. Until this morning. I was outside and in 15 minutes I was bitten 3 times and it is the first time I have even seen mosquitoes here. I have a theory.

Since we got to PEI, the wind has been blowing consistently from the same direction. It’s been blowing about 10-15 mph.  Yesterday was a calm day at only about 5 mph. Today, it’s blowing 15-20 mph and gusts to 25. My theory is that based on the direction of the wind, it has taken a couple of days to blow the mosquito population from New Brunswick to PEI.  Time to move?

Today was a RV cleanup day. Clean the floors, bathroom, dump the tanks, etc. My job is to empty the tanks, which is ok because I don’t clean very well anyway so it works out. The procedure is simple, ensure that one end of the drain hose is attached at the tank and the other end to the magical hole in the the ground where everything goes. Check! Pull open the main drain valve. Check. Open the black tank drain valve and let drain. Check! Close black tank valve… close black tank valve… CLOSE black tank valve! No check. The valve would not close!

Aside from cleanup day we were to create some video, you know fun stuff. I was to be getting some video of all the neat water life in the shallow waters, Crabs wearing seaweed scarfs, little shrimps, little crabs, you know cool stuff. But no, I’m going to be “plumber man”. Looks like it’s now an RV maintenance day. And the worst kind to boot.

I will spare you all the details, but considering what I was dealing with the potential for a very nasty job was very high indeed. Luck was on my side because of what the problem turned out to be.

A block of wood!  Yes, a block of wood, measuring 7 inches by 2 inches by 1.5 inches. (what are the odds that a block of wood, floating in the tank, would ever be oriented correctly to enter the drain?) Thankfully the drain pipe is 3 inches in diameter and the block was able to make it far enough to get most of the way past a 90 degree bend in the pipe and lodge part way in the valve.  Otherwise, it might have gotten stuck in an unreachable place.  Thankfully, the valve can be taken apart for maintenance/repair. However, I could only move the pipe pieces so far. I had to try multiple angles and positioning of the wood to find the correct way to “stretch” the opening enough to pry the block out.

I would like to think that it was an oversight, but having read many RV tales of things left in tanks during manufacture, I have to be believe it is just plain lack of pride, laziness, or lack of responsibility for a good job. If only these people would have to deal with the problems they create… Oh but I can only dream.

0706 Churned up water (1 of 1)
All this red water was clear yesterday!

Oh yeah. The video we were going to get today. There is too much wind and wave action. The water is all murky – nothing to see there.  Maybe tomorrow.

7 Comments on “Another RV tank story Plus bugs!

  1. Wow! You got lucky. That is one of those problems that can really Haunt you.
    I just told Bill about your adventure and he is looking up your post.
    We got my screen back up today after the squirrel tore a hole in it looking for black walnuts. Apparently they are squirrel coke.
    Really enjoying your posts.


  2. Oh, the profundity of your statement: “If only these people would have to deal with the problems they create…”. It describes the way I’ve spent the last two weeks here at “the office”, fixing sewage storms that were created by other people not paying attention to critical details. Your situation had the potential to be a REAL sewage storm. Glad to hear you weren’t deluged!

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  3. yes, Not knowing what may have been hidden in that black pipe when the bolts were loosen was a bit un-settling.


  4. Seems like the bugs are chasing you. Hmmm.
    Quite the story on the tank. Glad you didn’t end up in deep doodoo to say the least. ☺️


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