Cape Breton

0710 Wharf at Igonish (1 of 1)
Wharf at Igonish, Cape Breton Island

We made our way from PEI to Cape Breton Island.  The drive was longer than we would have liked.  The last hour and a half was up and down the highlands.  It made for a long day and we are seriously considering some of our future driving plans in terms of how many miles we are willing to do in a day.  We probably did about 360 miles which is 110 miles more than we like.  Add to that the geography and it makes for a long, long day.

But, but, but it is absolutely beautiful here.  Downright stunning.  I recommend you all add this to your bucket list.  This is definitely on the list of most beautiful places I’ve visited.  And, we have only just begun our visit.

0710 Cape Smokey View (1 of 1)
Atlantic Ocean at Cape Breton

This morning I went for a walk with Dart to view the ocean while Regis went bicycling.  I noticed about 5 lobster boats in the same general area acting like whale tour boats act (circling around the same area).  I didn’t have binoculars and wasn’t wearing running shoes….basically unprepared.  I ran back to the RV with Dart (most of the way) and got the binoculars and drove back to determine what was going on.  It appears the lobster boats were working.  The guys were hauling up traps.  That was interesting but I was hoping to see a whale.  I got to see a seal or seal lion.

0710 Butterfly (1 of 1)
Short Tailed Swallow Tail Butterfly (I think). Rare and unique to this area.

Then, we went for a hike around a small lake.  It was about 3 miles and Dart was not happy after the first mile and a half.  We don’t know whether it is his age or something else is going on with him.  It is warm here, but not overly so.  We stopped a few times to give him water and let him rest.  This is not the dog we started off with 7 years ago.  When he was young, we couldn’t keep up with him.  I have taken his issues into consideration for our plans over the next several days and do not plan to do any hikes longer than 2 miles.  He hasn’t been eating well lately either, so I want to make sure we don’t push him.  He seems otherwise well and would prefer to spend his days sleeping under the RV.  It makes me think of all the stories about dogs sleeping under the front porch.  Our RV is Dart’s front porch.  He doesn’t want to be inside.  He wants to sleep outside under the RV.  As I type this, Regis is getting a rope set up to tie him up and allow him to stay under there.  Mostly, he behaves well but if another dog walks by our campsite, he can’t be trusted not to get upset.

0710 Cape Smokey View 2 (1 of 1)
View of Atlantic Ocean from Cabot Trail.

After yesterday’s driving, we were determined NOT to drive much today.  After our hike and rest afterwards, Regis and I were chomping at the bit to explore.  We loaded Dart up and went to a few nearby overlooks, visited the nearby town, checked out the WIFI at the local library (in the parking lot), and basically just explored locally.  Regis found the bakery and beer store.

I have another observation about what Regis notices versus what I notice.  I usually notice the wildlife things going on around us.  Regis notices other stuff.  While we were at an overlook and I was searching for whales on the sea, Regis noticed the sounds of trucks struggling to make it up the hill.  Yeah, I hear them in the background but try to push it out and don’t make any attempt to determine what it is.  Meanwhile, Regis pinpoints it exactly while I am straining my eyes for signs of wildlife.  Different worlds!!! Oh, and Regis points out to me that he thinks our RV sounds the same way going up the hill as these trucks.

0710 Cabot Trail View (1 of 1)
View of Atlantic Ocean from Cabot Trail

If this post gets up today (July 10), then we have successfully tapped into the local library’s WIFI access while sitting in the parking lot.  The campground supposedly has WIFI but it is not possible to get a single page to load.  I almost gave it up for lost this whole week but Regis found this library access and if you are reading this, he hit the jackpot.

When we get back to Florida, we are going to miss the Ravens.  They wake us up every morning (4:30 to 5:15) at the wee hours as they make their crazy noises.  That is about the time it starts to get bright.  They showed up when we reached Maine and we have experienced them every morning since.

At least 5 people that we encountered in PEI were going to Cape Breton afterwards.  These are the only 5 people that we knew their next plans and they were all headed the same way.  We hiked at the Prince Edward Island National Park and Regis noticed a car from Florida.  This goes back to things he notices.  I was probably watching the butterflies.  Anyway, it turns out that same car is camped right by us in this campground.  Isn’t that wild?

Happy Birthday Mom!

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