Leaving Cape Breton

We left Cape Breton and headed to the Halifax area.  We had great luck with the weather while in Cape Breton.  The mosquito abatement plan continues to be effective.  Buy an expensive screened room to keep away from the bugs and they disappear so you never need to open the box!

We learned something from the children in the campground.  A bunch of the little boys inserted plastic water bottles between the frame of their bike and the back wheel.  When they ride the bike, they sound like little chainsaws rolling through the campground.  They call them “motors”.  It is great fun for the kids but can get a little annoying for the adults.  We noticed that the parents would step in after a while and make the children remove their motors.

As we were traveling on the Cabot Trail heading to Halifax, we put the camera in the windshield to record a view of the scenery.  When we were descending a hill we had climbed, we came upon a switchback with a large truck with heavy equipment on it stuck on a hairpin turn.  This, of course, stopped all traffic in both directions.  We got video of the situation for those interested.  Click here. The video is about 11 minutes.  If you are not interested in how the truck gets out of this mess, you should still watch the beginning of the video to see the views on the road.  (Special note to Jeff from Regis.  The hills here are massive with 13% grades.)

We also came upon this water truck transporting a small swimming pool.  Oddly, the pool was full of water.

0716 Swimming Pool (1 of 1)
Water truck hauling a swimming pool full of water (sort of since it is spilling out going over bumps).

One of the things we noticed when we first arrived on Cape Breton Island was that the signs were no longer in English and French.  They were in English and another language.  We thought it was language from the First Nation people.  When we passed the Gaelic College, we realized that it was probably Gaelic.  These signs stopped our French lessons.  We thought we were doing pretty well learning French by seeing all the dual French/English signs.  Throwing in the Gaelic was too much for us to handle!

We managed to get some internet access which has not only allowed us to upload this road/truck video, but we were able to load some wildlife video.  Click here to see some video of a Guillemot with food.  Click here to see video of Gannets feeding.  They are a little hard to see against the stunning background, but if you watch closely you can see them occasionally plunge into the water.  If this video is not satisfactory, I recommend coming to Cape Breton yourself and hopping on a whale boat tour.   Also, watching on a bigger screen will help.  Here is a video of the nesting bird colony.  Click here.

Here is a video of Common Terns feeding while we were at Kouchibouguac National Park. Click here.

I came upon a mother grouse while walking in Kouchibouguac National Park.  In the beginning of this video, notice the small thing run across the path after mom crossed.  I thought it was a mouse at first.  Eventually, a few more chicks cross.  Click here.

2 Comments on “Leaving Cape Breton

  1. The swimming pool is funny and strange at the same time.
    I watched the whole video of the truck on the switchback. You would think the trucker would be more prepared for situations like that. Like maybe have chains or something to help out. Hmmm


    • I’m thinking he didn’t want risk losing any chains or they were all being used to hold the front loader on the trailer. That was a 20-30 foot drop off there.

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