Halifax Area

0718 Beach (1 of 1)
Canadians enjoying the beach in Nova Scotia. Look closely and you can see several surfers enjoying the surf. There is heavy fog so it is nearly impossible to see much. The non-surfers are fully clothed and the surfers are in wet suits.

Note to my personal trainer:  Please don’t read this post.

We are staying in a campground about 25 kilometers from Halifax.  We originally planned to go into the city but decided not to do that with the dog.  A local I met in Shediac recommended we visit Peggy’s Cove, so that’s what we did.

0718 Peggys Cove Landscape (1 of 1)
Peggy’s Cove landscape. It is granite with very little soil so there are no trees.

We arrived in Peggy’s Cove along with every other tourist in the area.  It is a very small, cute little town that was overwhelmed by the tourists.  This is not what we like.  Instead, we drove up the road for about 10 or 15 minutes and stopped for lunch at the Finer Diner.  They had free WIFI access, so Regis took advantage of it to upload some video.  After we finished eating a delicious lunch, Regis said he needed more time for the upload.  So, he ordered a beer and I ordered a Coconut Cream pie.  It was the best Coconut Cream pie I have ever eaten.  I may never be able to eat this kind of pie again because it will not be possible for it to live up to the standards of this pie.  (My favorite personal trainer.  I told you not to read this.  Anyway, I wouldn’t have gotten desert but I love Coconut Cream pie.)

0718 Peggys Cove (1 of 1)
Almost the entire town of Peggy’s Cove.

The next day, we went to the beach which is a few kilometers from our campsite.  The Atlantic View Trail runs along the beach and we thought we would hike a portion of it.  The fog was very thick at the beach.  There were many surfers and a few companies renting surf boards.  I can’t understand how people can surf when you can’t see a thing.  I saw more surfers within a few kilometers on this stretch of beach than I have seen in one location before.   The non-surfers on the beach were enjoying it fully clothed while sitting in the thick fog.  I much prefer Florida beaches!  I can’t even see the beach here.

0718 Lobster Traps 2 (1 of 1)
Lobster traps in Nova Scotia.
0718 Lobster Traps (1 of 1)
Lobster traps in Nova Scotia.

We gave up on the hike after a short way because the fog was so thick we couldn’t see much.  But, back at our campground, it was nice.

This campground is having infrastructure issues.  The water pressure dropped so low the first day we were here that the water was inaccessible.  Regis was smart enough to realize there was a water pressure problem and put as much water in our tanks as he could before the water basically shut down.  It was eventually fixed but broke again the next day.  The electricity has gone out a few times also.

This campground is the most self-service we have seen.  If you arrive without a reservation, you must pay cash.  With a reservation, you can go straight to your campsite.  There are only 10 full hook-up sites here.  On our second day, our neighbors took off for the day leaving their trailer and belongings.  Apparently, they were supposed to leave that morning.  The campers who had paid and reserved the site for that night arrived.  There was no other site for them.  They waited several hours in hopes that our neighbors would return and vacate the spot, but the neighbors did not return until 10:30 that night.  The park personnel let the other campers park somewhere else in the park and use their generator.  I hope they got their money back.

I am not fond of this campground.  Add the weather issues to the mix and I am ready to move to our next location.

3 Comments on “Halifax Area

  1. Sorry I have not been religiously following. My priority has been getting Jessica into college. I could have given you advice about Peggys Cove. Its beautiful, but get there early..My suggestion, check out the tidal boar. It is unbelievable.. Also, the lighthouse tour around the island is worthwhile. Since you are near Halifax take the jeep and drive around the island, north to south on the western side. Just south of Digby the first lighthouse you will encounter will be a tiny one. only about 25 feet high. Do yourself a favor, walk out there and if God is willing, you will experience total silence. We did. It was fantastic.


    • Thank you. We left the area this morning but will keep this information for a future trip. I hope all works out well for Jessica.


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