Month: July 2017

Pilot Whales

I went out on another whale tour out of Bay St. Lawrence.  I went on a boat named Oshan.  I thought it was another way to spell Ocean but it is a Gaelic term meaning “standing tall or above”.  It is operated by a… Continue Reading “Pilot Whales”

Middle Head

We took a hike Wednesday that turned out to be one of our favorite hikes.  It wasn’t very long, only 2.4 miles round trip.  The hike was to Middle Head at Igonish, Nova Scotia.  There were fantastic water views and wildlife.  We saw lots… Continue Reading “Middle Head”

Cabot Trail

Today we drove the Cabot Trail through Cape Breton National Park.  The trail loops through a large portion of Cape Breton Island and about 1/3 of it goes through the park.  We drove a good portion of it on the Atlantic side to get… Continue Reading “Cabot Trail”

Cape Breton

We made our way from PEI to Cape Breton Island.  The drive was longer than we would have liked.  The last hour and a half was up and down the highlands.  It made for a long day and we are seriously considering some of… Continue Reading “Cape Breton”

Another RV tank story Plus bugs!

We have written twice before about our “solution” to the bug problem, that was to purchase a screened tent room. By simply spending close to $200.00 (ca) and not even un-boxing it, it seems to have solved the problem. Until this morning. I was… Continue Reading “Another RV tank story Plus bugs!”

Prince Edward Island

We are thoroughly enjoying Prince Edward Island.  The plan to thwart the mosquitoes worked.  Regis bought a screened shelter so we could enjoy the outdoors in spite of the mosquitoes.  We have not had to use it.  We are able to enjoy the outdoors… Continue Reading “Prince Edward Island”

Happy Birthday Dart and USA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA!!! Dart celebrates his birthday today also.  He is 7 years old. In yesterday’s Where’s Dart post, he was in Shediac, New Brunswick.  It’s a nice little town and we had a wonderful lunch at the dog friendly Gabriele Hotel and Restaurant.… Continue Reading “Happy Birthday Dart and USA”

Where’s Dart (5)?

Name the city where Dart is located?  It boasts that it is the home of the world’s largest lobster.  In fact, it’s lobster festival starts July 5 and has been going on since 1949. I’m dying because of our internet access issues.  We can’t… Continue Reading “Where’s Dart (5)?”


Happy Canada day! 150 and doing well. If I had a good connection, I would include a musical interlude of “OH Canada”. (If anyone is so motivated please feel free to share a version in the comments below.) Since we are in Canada for… Continue Reading “OH CANADA!”