Month: August 2017

Dolphins and a Tortoise

We are enjoying being back in Florida.  We are catching up with friends and enjoying the natural environment.  We went kayaking today and encountered some dolphins.  That’s not unusual around here, but these dolphins came close to Regis’ kayak to check him out.  It… Continue Reading “Dolphins and a Tortoise”


On our second day heading back to Florida from Pittsburgh, I woke up feeling like we had the day off from driving.  As I thought about, I realized that we did not travel two days in a row in the motor home except for… Continue Reading “Home”


Dart was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Specifically, he was on Mount Washington (formerly known as Coal Hill). We had a great time visiting family for a couple days. We have been feeling like yo’s yo’s since we left New York.  We’ve been traveling through the… Continue Reading “Pittsburgh”

Where’s Dart 6 (city)?

Regis took a couple pictures of the sunset from our campsite the first night we arrived.

Heat and Guns

While in New York, our campsite was not far from the Susquehanna River.  We went to see it.  Having lived in Maryland most of my life, I am familiar with the Susquehanna emptying into the Chesapeake Bay.  It contributes 50% of the freshwater into… Continue Reading “Heat and Guns”