Some of what we leave behind

BY Regis

We just spent a wonderful evening with four amazing people. With our impending departure, we have been making time to hook up with friends and say good byes.

Tonight, however, bolooned into an extravaganza of sorts. We had been chatting with Suzanne and Suze  about re-aranging some furniture in the house to make it more appealing  to buyers. As they were coming over for dinner and drinks we wanted their opinion on some ideas. Well that evolved into Kevin and Jerry coming over as well as the Suzanne’ s said they would have some great input to offer.

Linda and I had met Kevin and Jerry several times before and were glad to spend some time with them and get their input as well. I tell you what, not half a Margarita later and the ideas were flowing!

Not only ideas but furniture was moving here and there, carpets being pulled out of storage, sectionals being disassembled and reconfigured, knick knacks moved, tables put into storage. WOW!  In the end the house looks much better. The big loser in this is Dart. We have to find a new place for his day bed, but for just a couple more days till we’re in the RV.

The house looks MUCH better, much more open.

Which will bring me to the end. To really appreciate this story a little background is needed. Linda has been involved with Suze through environmental functions since we got to Florida. From that, I got to meet Suze and then Suzanne and then Kevin and Jerry. Now you can probably count the number of hours on two hands that we have interacted with Kevin and Jerry, but here they were, helping re-decorate our house three days before we leave on our summer trip.

Like I said, four amazing people.


2 Comments on “Some of what we leave behind

  1. I would love to see you again. If you can plan it Chattanooga is a great stopping place for the first night.. Hint, Hint.. We can go Downtown, or I will bring the Steaks, Beer and Wine.. Please stop in..


    • We are going in that direction in about 10 days. Linda will check the trip wizard and see if it works out.


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