Month: May 2018

Columbia River and Mount Hood

Dart was on the north side of the Columbia River and that is Mount Hood in the background.  If you drive on the south side of the river which is in Oregon, you drive on an interstate.  There are a few places to stop,… Continue Reading “Columbia River and Mount Hood”

Where’s Dart (2018-3)?

Where’s Dart?  Can you name the river and the mountain? This little dog is quite the traveler! Note:  Last year we purchased an unlimited data plan from Verizon and it has made our traveling life so much better.  Most campgrounds that offer WIFI do… Continue Reading “Where’s Dart (2018-3)?”

3,117 Miles So Far

We have driven 3,117 miles in the motor home since leaving St. Augustine, Florida and have about 600 miles to go before we can start exploring more than driving.  Wahoo!  I’m sure Dart will be happy also. Janene mentioned in a comment about how… Continue Reading “3,117 Miles So Far”

The Rockies

At 4 something this morning, Regis woke me to remind me I wanted to see the sun rise on Devil’s Tower.  I had a hard time sleeping last night, so I’m pretty sure I finally fell asleep at 4 something minus 1 minute.  I… Continue Reading “The Rockies”

Devil’s Tower

Dart was at Devil’s Tower National Monument in Wyoming.  It was a beautiful drive from Rapid City, South Dakota to Devil’s Tower.  The grass was very green so it looked lush.  We saw Pronghorn’s and Deer on the way. We have a great view… Continue Reading “Devil’s Tower”

Where’s Dart (2018-2)?

By Regis Another Where’s Dart can only mean one thing, the Jeep is fixed.  As we were packing up to leave, several songs were going through my mind: from the 70’s Thin Lizzy’s “Jailbreak”;  from the 80’s Sammy Haggar’s “Can’t Drive 55”; and of… Continue Reading “Where’s Dart (2018-2)?”

When It Rains, It Pours

When it rains it pours both literally and figuratively. We’ve been experiencing a lot of rain since we entered South Dakota.  I always considered South Dakota a somewhat dry state, so I am a bit surprised.  It rained 2 inches in an hour last… Continue Reading “When It Rains, It Pours”

Needles Highway

When we went to Custer State Park from Rapid City, South Dakota, we saw some great scenery.  We started off with a plan to bypass Mount Rushmore and enter Custer State Park and catch Mount Rushmore on the way back.  But, as we were… Continue Reading “Needles Highway”

Our Photography Gear

We were asked about the photography gear that we use, so this post is devoted to a discussion about our gear and some remarks regarding how we approach many of our photographs. First, this is our primary gear: 2 Canon 80D bodies (these can… Continue Reading “Our Photography Gear”

Baby Bison

First, to give an update on the Jeep situation.  A part is required which the dealer does not have.  We have to wait until the part arrives, hopefully in a couple days.  We rented a car from the campground.  It was very convenient but… Continue Reading “Baby Bison”