Ibis Highway

Great Blue Heron

We have a wonderful campsite right on the water where we can watch the sunset.  We spent most of this morning sitting on our private deck and watching the wildlife activity.  We saw lots of Ibis flying by from left to right and right to left.  I tried to take pictures and I felt like I was on a skeet range except I was using a camera instead of a shotgun and I didn’t get to yell “pull”.  I haven’t figured out how to capture them yet but I will keep trying.  It’s good practice.

Ibis in the oyster beds. We can’t seem to get a good picture of them flying.
Willet (I think)
Immature Little Blue Heron

We love it here.  It’s not crowded like most places south of Tampa but still has all the wildlife and water.  We put our kayaks in across the road from our campsite.  We just lugged them across the street.  We might have put in a little to early for the tide because we wound up scraping the bottoms of our kayaks on the oyster beds.  It was easier coming back.

Great egret

I saw a new bird for me.  I believe it was a Black-necked stilt.  It’s a beautiful bird!  Of course, they all are.

Black-necked stilt

We saw some large fish in the water.  They were slow and their tails and fins stuck up out of the water a lot.  They reminded me of carp but we don’t know what they were.  We were able to kayak out past the key to the gulf.  It wasn’t as interesting in the gulf, so we turned around and headed back to see more wildlife.  But, I did hear the calls of terns while out there but couldn’t see them.

A fish fin sticking out of the water.

I was sitting in the motor home this evening talking to Jason when I saw lots of big splashing in the water in the distance.  It was not coming from birds diving in to fish.  After hanging up, I got out my binoculars and saw that it was a bunch of dolphins that appeared to be doing some cooperative fishing.  How cool!  Perhaps not for the fish.  We’re hoping to time our kayak trip for tomorrow to get a better look.  (We never get too close to wildlife.  We always give them plenty of room.  I don’t worry about whether I get the shot.  There is no reason to harass the wildlife to get a picture.)

I hit the jackpot on this campsite.  We couldn’t be happier with it.

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    • It was an accident. I was taking the picture from the kayak and moving while I was trying to get this picture. I am amazed that I got it.


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