Goodbye Florida

Birds on the shell mound.

We are now headed north and we will miss Florida.  We had a wonderful stay at Lowkey Hideaway at Cedar Key.  There are only 9 campsites and they are all on the water with a fantastic view of the sunset.  There is a local Tiki Bar for those interested.  This is an adult only location.  Half the time we were here, we were the only camper.  Half the time, there was only one other camper.  The sunsets can’t be beat and we were able to launch the kayaks across the street.  We did this three days in a row.  I love this place.

Regis went exploring this morning in town and found a couple interesting pictures.

What do you do when you need to cut down a tree? Art!!
What’s up with this on many of the posts?
Regis found this on the beach and we don’t know what it is.

I went for one last kayak late afternoon.

Notice the difference in the eyes. I believe one is an adult and one is a juvenile.
A local visitor.
This immature Little Blue Heron has been hanging around every day. If we stayed longer we would give this bird a name.
We have seen LOTS of these fish on our kayak adventures. We are still trying to figure out what they are. They appear to be bottom feeders and their tails appear when they are foraging on the bottom. They are pretty big. If you have any idea what they are, please let us know. We’ve been trying to identify them on websites and we are not sure.
As I was finishing my last kayak run, I came across a bunch of dolphins as I was ready to pull in. They made my day!!!!
Regis’s knees were bothering him, so he didn’t join me on my final kayak trip. I kayaked by the campsite and captured a view of him and the RV. I can’t see Dart in the picture. It is very difficult to take pictures from a kayak when the waves are bounding you up and down.

3 Comments on “Goodbye Florida

  1. The “Tailing” fish are called redfish, red bass or red drum depending on who you talk too.


    • Thank you so much. It has been driving us crazy trying to figure out what they are since the water was too murky to get a good look.


  2. Safe travels. We stayed just outside Deadwood, SD last night and today drove to Stuart, Iowa. The weather was perfect.
    So, heres praying your travels will be just as beautiful. 😉

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