Car Trouble

For those who have been following us since the beginning of this year’s trip, you may remember me mentioning I was concerned we may be having an upcoming issue with the Jeep.  Today was the day.  At one of the rest stops, Regis needed to get in the car for something and the car and the key fob wouldn’t work.  There was no electricity.

While driving down the highway, with Regis at the wheel, I did some internet research on my phone to find somewhere to take the car after we arrived at our campsite in Columbia, Missouri.  The local Jeep dealer did not have good reviews, but All Star Automotive on N 1st Street had good reviews.  We opted to go with All Star and risk not having them be able to handle an issue covered under warranty.  I called to let them know we were going to find a way to get the car there and the gentleman said they would look at it tomorrow if we could get it in there today.  We also discussed the possibility of taking the car to them with the motor home, but they have a small lot.  I was able to determine that our RV Roadside Assistance package with Coach Net covers the tow vehicle.  If we needed to get it towed, they could do it.

We decided to see what the situation looked like when we got to the campsite.  At the campsite, Regis was able to get in the car with the key fob but the engine wouldn’t start.  One of the wonderful guys working at the campground gave Regis a jump start and Regis drove the car to the repair shop about 6 miles away.   We were suspicious that it could just be a dead battery since the car isn’t even that old and we spend our winters in Florida.

Here’s where things get totally amazing from a customer service point of view.  Not long after Regis left, I saw the Jeep pulling up to the RV.  As Regis began entering  the RV, the Jeep pulled away!  The guy from the repair shop dropped Regis back off at the RV.  Shortly before 5:00, they called to say the car was ready and they came to pick Regis up.  And it get’s better.  They determined that the problem was an after market wire connected to the battery the wrong way causing a loose battery cable connection.  The only after market work done to the Jeep was to get it set up for the tow package at the place we bought the RV.  Anyway, it was easily fixed and the bill came to $31.50.

I’m thrilled it was an easy fix.  But, I am flabbergasted by the amazing customer service from All Star Automotive.  If you have car problems in Columbia, Missouri, they are the  place to go.

Also, the folks at Cottonwoods RV Park were very helpful.

Sorry, no pictures today.  But, the weather is beautiful.  I already paid the campground to stay an extra night, so we’ll check some things out here tomorrow.  It’s all good!

One Comment on “Car Trouble

  1. Great to hear you found a great mechanic that could find your problem so quickly! You know that dealer would have been way more expensive. Hope that Jeep behaves itself now!

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