Heading North


As we make progress going north, I continue to be amazed by how green everything is.  As we made our way to north Missouri, we noticed that all the leaves on the trees have not fully leafed out.  Nevertheless, it is still green.  The weather is awesome.  We have been fortunate so far with the weather as we move across the country.

I calculated the mileage and tomorrow night when we camp in South Dakota, we will be half way to our destination near Seattle.  We are stopping in Portland, Oregon along the way.

We have once again found a great campground in Nebraska City, Nebraska.  The name of the campground is Victorian Acres.  We love it.  There are lots of birds.  This evening, I sat at the picnic table taking pictures of the birds who flew by.  This is what I love to do.

Dart seems to be settling in and eating as he should.  I feel more comfortable when he is obviously less stressed.  I think he’s getting into the groove.  Although we could cover many more miles in the day, all of us like keeping it reasonable and stopping early so we can walk around and enjoy the area.  It may take us longer to get there, but we get an opportunity to “smell the roses.”

Chipping Sparrow

3 Comments on “Heading North

  1. Since you’re headed to South Dakota, I hope you get the opportunity to stop at the Mitchell Corn Palace. I was “amaized” when we visited it on a trip to visit Mount Rushmore and the Badlands some years ago.


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