Where’s Dart (2018-1)?

Where’s Dart (2018-1)?
Where’s Dart (2018-1)?
Where’s Dart (2018-1)?

This should be easy for anyone who has been keeping up with the blog posts this year.  At what Federal Land is Dart located? All the pictures above are in the same area.  Please note that it was very foggy, so the background scenery is obscured by the fog.

Because we’ve done Where’s Dart in previous years and numbered them, I thought I would implement a different numbering scheme.  The year is of course first followed by the number associated with the location.  In this case, all 2018-1’s are in the same location.


3 Comments on “Where’s Dart (2018-1)?

  1. I can’t believe how foggy it is! You’d think it would be warm, sunny and dry in the Badlands National Park this time of year.

    • It is something I did not expect. Cold, I expected. Fog, really, in South Dakota. Amazing.

  2. Hi Dart!! You are looking mighty handsome today as always!!

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