Baby Bison

Baby bison in Custer State Park.

First, to give an update on the Jeep situation.  A part is required which the dealer does not have.  We have to wait until the part arrives, hopefully in a couple days.  We rented a car from the campground.  It was very convenient but expensive.  If the part doesn’t arrive by Friday, we’ll switch over to Enterprise to get a car for the week-end.  They deliver!!

The campground staff told me that Custer State Park had baby bison, so that’s why we rented a car immediately and set off to see them.  And we did.  There is other stuff to talk about the drive we took, but I’ll save that for the next post.  I’ll keep this post to animal pictures.

Bison in Custer State Park.
Baby bison in Custer State Park.
Sleepy baby bison in Custer State Park.
Baby bison in Custer State Park.
Baby bison. The baby was trying to feed and mom kept kicking it.
Female bison.

We saw lots of Pronghorn’s today and haven’t posted any pictures of them so here’s a male and a female.

Male Pronghorn.
Female Pronghorn.

5 Comments on “Baby Bison

  1. Looks like the weather has improved significantly. Your photos are fantastic!

    If you’ve already described what kind of camera and lenses you’re using, please let me know and I’ll look through your previous posts. If not, and you have the time and interest, please share, because as I said a minute ago, your photos are fantastic!


    • Janene, in a post from a prior year we may have listed equipment but we have made many changes, especially this year. I will do a post later today with that information. If there is interest in one, some or all pictures to post the settings on the camera, I can also do that. I’ve been working a lot with HDR lately and I love the outcome. That’s what I used to get the sunset pictures in the Badlands.


  2. Such beautiful pictures!! Its a bummer about the Jeep but seems like its turning somewhat to your advantage to stay a while and explore. We saw lots of elk and pronghorn in our trip back east. Cool.
    I love buffalo!! They are cool looking animals. Enjoy!


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