When It Rains, It Pours

Dart playing endless ball while we are stuck in the RV waiting for a part in rainy and cold weather.

When it rains it pours both literally and figuratively.

We’ve been experiencing a lot of rain since we entered South Dakota.  I always considered South Dakota a somewhat dry state, so I am a bit surprised.  It rained 2 inches in an hour last night and that was just the beginning.  There was hail.  There were rivers running through the campground.  The fire pit was almost full of water.  The next morning, I saw worms the size of small snakes.

Fortunately, after all the rain in our earlier stops in South Dakota, we went to Cabelas and I bought two types of waterproof foot gear.  I bought Muck Boots and a waterproof pair of hiking boots.  After getting soaking feet in our previous rain encounters, I was ready to do something about it.  Within two days of buying my Muck Boots, they came in handy.  What a muddy mess!!!!

My favorite new foot purchase. It sure came in handy with our astonishing rainfall in South Dakota.

So, it has rained a lot literally.  Now figuratively, we’ve had our share of problems recently.  From a recent post, you know that the Jeep is at the dealer waiting for a part.  The part was supposed to come in Friday.  Didn’t happen.  I also placed an Amazon Prime order to arrive in the campground guaranteed on Friday.  I paid extra for that even though I’m a Prime member.  Didn’t happen.  In both cases, the tracking information shows the items still sitting in Commerce City, Colorado.

Anyway, that means we are still here.  We woke up to lots of fog.  We decided renting a car and exploring didn’t make any sense since you CAN’T SEE ANYTHING.

During the explosive rain yesterday, the refrigerator stopped working.  Regis spent all morning fixing it.  It’s working now but he is not ready to claim a victory since he bypassed a circuit.  The circuit bypassed is a high temperature sensor to prevent overheating and fire.  I hope we don’t burn up tonight!  At the very least, we won’t be cold.

While we were here, Regis broke a key while opening one of the RV compartments.  We still had the rental car, so I went and had keys made.  Regis spent yesterday morning taking the lock apart to remove the broken key.

I decided that it was a good day to do laundry today.  It’s dreary and we don’t have a car.  When I put my load of wash in the dryer and put my money in, the dryer made horrible noises and the drum didn’t turn.  Argh!  (No worries because the campground gave me my money back.)

Our remote temperature sensor went on the fritz. It says it 69 outside, NO way it’s like 44!

The RV is full of mud.  Three people and one dog in a small environment, mud, mud, mud.   It is way too muddy to walk Dart much so he is stuck with playing lots of ball in the RV.

When we picked up some stuff at Walmart the other day (when we had a rental car) in order to organize the RV, we decided to do grocery shopping later after we got our car.  Now, we have no car and we’re still here.  But, we have potatoes, onions, nuts, and lots of sparkling water.  No fancy meals for the next few days.

Amazon did reimburse me the money I paid to get expedited delivery, but I still don’t have the product.  Let’s see if it shows up by Monday.

3 Comments on “When It Rains, It Pours

  1. Wow you are having your share of problems. Hopefully it will be short-lived. It’s finally stopped raining for now. So far we’ve gotten about a little over 10 in of rain in a little over one week. I could have used the Muck Boots. I never heard of Muck Boots. I might have to make a purchase.

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  2. Gosh Linda sounds like you have a lot of problems. That means it is only going to get lots better. Hope you get the car fixed quickly. Looks like they had an open house today at your home. Hopefully you get a lot of offers. We have had rain everyday here and the next week is also predicted a lot of rain. We are thinking of you and Regis and Dart.


    • Wow, it sounds like it’s raining everywhere. I understand it was raining at the Preakness too. I hope the flowers like it. Once we get closer to the Olympic Peninsula you will have to email me your sister’s contact information. I hold out hope we will get there eventually. 😊


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