3,117 Miles So Far

Dart relaxing after a long day driving. I don’t think he sleeps when the motor home is moving.  

We have driven 3,117 miles in the motor home since leaving St. Augustine, Florida and have about 600 miles to go before we can start exploring more than driving.  Wahoo!  I’m sure Dart will be happy also.

Janene mentioned in a comment about how beautiful this country is and we thoroughly agree.  There is beauty in almost every place that we go.  This country is fun to explore because there is so much diversity in the landscape, wildlife, flora, and people.  It’s hard to imagine you could ever be done exploring.  Canada is also beautiful and when you add the U.S. and Canada together, I won’t live long enough to see it all.  But, I intend to enjoy every bit of what I can explore.

We drove through part of the Rockies today so there was a lot of driving slowly up a mountain to careen (well maybe not careen but sometimes it felt like it) down the other side.   It is more unnerving to me to go down the steep mountains in a motor home pulling a tow vehicle than it is in a car.

We arrived at the Missoula KOA campground at 12:40.  They charged us an extra $20 for checking in early.  In four years of camping in the U.S. and Canada in commercial and public campgrounds, no one has ever asked up to pay a fee to check in early.  The campground was mostly empty, so it was aggravating.  I guess it is something I should pay attention to, but it has never been a problem to us.  I am thankful that 99% of the campgrounds we go to are not a problem or it would make our traveling much more complicated.  Had I thought about it, we would have driven to the local Walmart for 2 hours and caught up on our grocery shopping and then come back to check in.  This is our 3rd and last time at the Missoula KOA.  They certainly have a right to charge, but after driving almost 300 miles and being ready to stop for the day, it’s discouraging.

Dart, the motor home, and the Jeep desperately need baths.  We hope to get everything cleanup once we get to Vancouver, Washington.  We want to look our best when we see our son Jason again.

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