Where’s Dart (2018-3)?

Where’s Dart (2018-3)? River and mountain.

Where’s Dart?  Can you name the river and the mountain? This little dog is quite the traveler!

Note:  Last year we purchased an unlimited data plan from Verizon and it has made our traveling life so much better.  Most campgrounds that offer WIFI do not offer a service that is useful.  Unfortunately, we have used enough bandwidth this month that Verizon has slowed us down, but it’s still workable.  At this campground, I can’t get logged onto the campground WIFI option and we have a VERY weak cell phone signal (outside a BIG city).  Regis purchased something to boost the signal.  It is working well enough.  I won’t be doing much internet browsing in this campground, but I can do what I need to do.


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    • It is further east and smaller than Stevenson. The population might be about 300+.

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