Columbia River and Mount Hood

Mount Hood in Oregon.

Dart was on the north side of the Columbia River and that is Mount Hood in the background.  If you drive on the south side of the river which is in Oregon, you drive on an interstate.  There are a few places to stop, but you are on a high speed road.  On the north side of the river which is in Washington, there is little traffic and more opportunities to pull over and enjoy the view.  We like the north side better but were not able to travel it the whole way.  There are several tunnels with height restrictions and we couldn’t go through some of them.  We went through a few and it was very close.  I was cringing waiting to hear a scraping sound.  Regis tried to drive through the middle of the tunnel where the clearance is higher but traffic coming from the other direction kept making that difficult.  We eventually had to cross into Oregon and drive on the interstate.

Following is a bunch of pictures along the river.  Once you get past the Dalles Dam (heading west) and all the kite and wind surfers, the vegetation becomes increasingly lush.  By the time you get to Portland, the flowers are amazing.   Once we crossed the river, it was VERY difficult to take pictures so I am unable at this time to show you the lush vegetation.

Columbia River.
Columbia River.
Columbia River.
John Day Dam on the Columbia River.
Columbia River.

We have a few goals over the next couple days:  clean the RV, clean the car, clean the dog, go to Powell’s book store, get Blue Star donuts (top priority), and take the RV in to see if it can be fitted with a sway bar.  For those interested in the technical details about why Regis wants to do that and whether it will work for us, I’ll let him post after he meets with the shop on Tuesday.  Amazingly, this campground will let you wash your vehicles which is highly unusual.  That means we can clean the car and RV ourselves.  I found a local place that let’s you self wash the dog, so I’m planning on taking Dart there while Regis is in the shop.  After traveling 3,669 miles across country, almost everything is due for a thorough cleaning.

We are all very happy to stay in one spot for several days.  Our next location is only 147 miles away.  That’s nothing.  Dart is going to love the next several months.  No long distance driving required!!

Just as a note, we drove 1,207 miles from Rapid City to Portland.  Because of our car issues, we had to drive without stopping more than 1 night.  We haven’t done that many miles without a break since we started traveling 4 years ago.  I can tell you that all three of us need a driving break.

Bonus Points:  Regis says he’ll give bonus points to anyone who can figure out what city is below Dart in the Where’s Dart picture in our last post.

9 Comments on “Columbia River and Mount Hood

  1. Hmmm what do we get for bonus points? I’ll take a donut. Lol.
    I didn’t get a chance to see the last post until the answer was posted. Guess I’m slacking or your posting fast. I can’t keeping. 😱😊


    • We are also in Pacific Time now so I didn’t realize how late it was for many of you with yesterday’s post. And I usually write up the answer right away and schedule the post for the next day since we are often on the road or out and about.


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