Morning at the Lake

Geese on Lake Cushman

On our last day at Lake Cushman, we spent part of the morning at the lake watching the birds, looking at the flowers, and listening to the buzzing of insects.  Lots of blueberry bushes and other flowers are in bloom throughout the forest, and the bees are happy.  I watched swallows catching insects over the water.  I tried hard to get pictures, but they are small and fast.  I could only catch them when they landed briefly on a post or sign.  When I loaded the pictures on the computer, I was able to get my first good look at them.  They are a new bird for me.  They were Violet-green Swallows.

Back of Violet-green Swallow at Lake Cushman.
Front of a Violet-green Swallow.
Bee making sure there will be lots of blueberries this year.

We are camping on the water on Bainbridge Island with a view across Puget sound to the Cascades.  The Cascades spend most of their time hidden behind clouds and, today, rain.  Nevertheless, it’s beautiful.  Seattle is a across the sound and a ferry ride from here.

I went to local grocery store in Poulsbo after we set up camp.  Words cannot describe how I felt entering this grocery store.  Just the oyster/clam section is larger than the whole seafood section in most grocery stores.  I was in sensory overload and couldn’t even make a decision what to get for dinner.  The prepared food section is one of the largest I have seen.  There were so many options, it was hard to make a choice.  I’m buying food one day at a time so I don’t wind up buying more than we can eat.

I had a doctor’s appointment the next day in Seattle, so Regis dropped me off at the ferry and I took it to Seattle and walked to the doctor’s appointment.  Then, I walked to the camera store and found out they were having a photo fest this week-end.  What great timing!  Then, I walked back to the ferry to catch up with Regis and Dart when they arrived by car.  I hung around where the cars disembark from the ferry and there are a couple policemen directing traffic when that happens.  Since I hung around on the corner for about an hour waiting for the Bainbridge Ferry, I think the guys were suspicious of me.  I spent a half hour talking to my mom on the phone and then sat on the curb and starting reading a book.  I noticed they kept looking over at me.  I think they were relieved when I disappeared.

We met our son and his friend for dinner.  We haven’t seen them in a year and a half.  It was also great to see my favorite Bedlington Terrier, Coco!  The weather was beautiful, so we got to sit outside at the local brew pub.  We went for a nice walk afterwards and got some great views of Bellevue and Seattle.

View of Seattle from our evening stroll on Beacon Hill.

5 Comments on “Morning at the Lake

  1. I was on Bainbridge Island last year and took the same ferry over to Seattle. What a great view of Seattle when you are going over. You talked about the police at the ferry. Last year they had bomb sniffing dogs that went to each car waiting to get on the ferry of check them out and the police were everywhere. Most of the ferries are like that now. Every time I drive by your house I keep hopping I see it sold for you guys even though I hate to see you move. Your flowers look great as we have had so much rain the past month. Miss you guys and feel like I am traveling with you as I have been to all of the places you are going. The northwest is so beautiful and everything is so lush and green. It truly is the Emerald city.

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    • The flowers are amazing. My son has all kinds of vegetables and fruit trues and many of them are ready now. The fresh strawberries are delicious. The house hasn’t sold, so I expect us to be back this winter. Maybe that’s ok. Would Paul be willing to get a picture of our gardens on one of his bike rides and send? I would love to see how the flowers look.

      I love taking the ferry from Seattle in the evening when the lights are coming on. Seattle is very pretty.

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  2. That Swallow is gorgeous!! I love those birds. I know that ride on the ferry was fabulous!! I know I would love it. I am happy you made it to your destination. What an awesome trip!!

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