Purple martins

It is entertaining to watch the drama with the Purple Martins.  Watching them in the air was like watching a dogfight between early era airplanes.

Purple martins
Purple martins
Purple martins
Purple martin
Purple martins

We got onto the water today to do some kayaking.  I love watching the seals pop their heads up to check us out.  Really, that is so cool.

Regis has been going out every morning on foot or bike to check out the pastries in town.  I think we’ll have to go on a major diet when we leave Port Townsend.

Our son and his friend left today.  We’ve had so much fun getting together in the local restaurants that I’m going to miss the GREAT food and company.  We’re going to have to fast for the next couple weeks!

2 Comments on “Drama

  1. Those are quite amazing pictures of the purple martins. Do you have to take a lot of pictures to get exactly what you want?
    I think I’m gaining weight just by you mentioning eating pastries!! LOL. Sounds yummy. Enjoy it while you can.

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  2. Getting pictures of moving birds moving in focus, exposed properly, and composed properly is not easy. We usually wind up with quite a few throwaways. We’re getting better at it, but it’s still hard. I used to practice taking pictures of Dart running on the beach so I could learn to focus on moving objects better.

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