Discovery Trail

Dart and Regis walking on the Discovery Trail in Port Townsend.

June 23

Last evening we saw a rainbow during sunset.  This is the second time in a week we saw one.  Prior to this, I don’t think I’ve seen a rainbow for a couple years.  Very cool.

A rainbow at sunset at Puget Sound.

We went to the local farmers market this morning.  They had awesome produce and flowers. When we got back, we saw a rowing race in progress. It turns out our camping neighbor was in the race and won first place in her class.

Racers on Puget Sound.

This morning, Dart woke up full of energy.  He drove us crazy.  We took him out on the Discovery Trail, which starts in Port Townsend, to wear him out.  Since it is warmer than usual today, a combination of the heat and the trail did the job.

Soon after we got started, there was two bicyclists and a dog coming our way.  As soon as the dog reached a path to the beach, he left his guardian and ran down to the water to cool off.  Apparently, they had just completed six miles and the dog wasn’t waiting when he got an opportunity to cool off.

Dog cooling off in the water.

There were birds and lots of flowers along the trail.

Flowers along Discovery Trail.
Heron along Discovery Trail.
Flowers along Discovery Trail.
Flowers along Discovery Trail.
Towhee along Discovery Trail.

It also goes by the Port Townsend Paper Company where, according to their website, “produces Kraft pulp, paper, containerboard, and specialty products by blending virgin and recycled fibers at our mill headquarters in Port Townsend, Washington.”

Port Towsend Paper Company.

While I spent most of the afternoon trying to download some files, Regis had his own dreams.

I tried to use my unlimited Verizon data plan to download the files with no luck.  My computer kept dropping the connection.  I went to town to access some free WiFi.  After two tries and several hours, I gave up and came home.

In the meantime, Regis spent the afternoon with Dart dreaming of racing in the R2AK (Race to Alaska).  I pointed out that I couldn’t get my kayak around the buoy the other day and we couldn’t even make it to Whidbey Island from here, what is he thinking?  He said he wasn’t thinking of me being a crew member.  I’ll be happy to cheer him on from a warm and comfortable location.   (Regis wants me to ask for an early call out for potential crew members).

5 Comments on “Discovery Trail

  1. That paper mill is where they filmed “ An Officerand aGentleman”. Also the Thai Restaurant in Port Townsend is very good. It is on a side street off the Main Street. If you go around the corner the car Museum is there. Been to several restaurants in Port Townsend but can’t remember the names. They back up to the water. Still would like to hook u up with my sister and brother in law that live in Coupeville. We miss you. Very hot here right now so enjoy the cooler weather. Looks like they have been having a lot of Open Houses at your house. I hope u get an offer even though we hate to see you guys leave.


    • Every place we have eaten in Port Townsend has been wonderful. We plan to stay on Whidbey later in the summer, so let me know about hooking up with your sister and brother in law.


    • Ha Ha. There is no pay. But, you have the opportunity to win $10,000 or a set of steak knives.


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