Lawn Ornaments – Deer

Fawns in Port Townsend.

June 25

When Dart and I go on our morning walks through Port Townsend, we see LOTS of deer.  They look like lawn ornaments.  They are pretty tame.  They let us get close, but not too close.  Dart doesn’t seem to notice them unless they run.  They he barks.  They don’t seem very bothered by Dart, other than keeping some distance.

There are beautiful gardens around here in almost every yard.  Lots of deer salad.

Deer in Port Townsend.
Deer in Port Townsend.
Deer in Port Townsend. Perhaps a baby and it’s older brother?
Deer in Port Townsend.
Deer in Port Townsend.

Since Verizon throttled me on my unlimited internet access, I have been having significant issues getting basic internet service.  It’s so slow, it often times out.  Regis, on his Apple, is doing much better.  I frequented the local coffee shop with free WIFI the last couple of days and I have no problem when I’m there.   Hmmmm.

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