It’s Still Junuary

Point Hudson Marina.

June 29

The day before yesterday, we got our second glimpse of Mount Ranier in the two weeks we’ve been here.  We didn’t even think about being able to see it from here until it suddenly popped up one day.

View of Mount Ranier from Port Townsend.

The weather has been cool here.  Since we are camped directly on the water, it’s even cooler.  If we go to the other side of the marina into town, it warms up a bit.  Dart couldn’t be happier with the weather.

We’ve been doing a lot of walking around Port Townsend and drove down the road and walked another section of the Discovery Trail.  As we hear about warmer temperatures elsewhere in the country, it’s fascinating to be sitting here in a wool sweater in June while I type this post.  We have no complaints!! But, I will start blowing southeast and see if I can send some of this cool air down to you hot folks.

California Quail on Discovery Trail in Washington State.
Plant on Discovery Trail in Washington State.
Point Hudson marina. We’ve seen several otters in this marina.

I have seen several new birds to me while we’ve been here.  I also caught site of a Brown Pelican yesterday.  They are abundant in northeast Florida, so I see them all the time there.  This is the only Brown Pelican we have seen.  This spot seems to attract some of the birds you would normally find on the coast and others you would normally see on the rivers.  There is a variety of birds to see.

Harlequin duck on Puget Sound.
Regis watching the Navy ship across the sound.

One Comment on “It’s Still Junuary

  1. Wow!! Some of these pictures would make beautiful jigsaw puzzles to build. I am not a puzzle builder but Donna does all the time.
    What an awesome adventure you are having!! Love it!!


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