Leavenworth, Washington

July 31, 2018

Recently, we went to Leavenworth, Washington.  This town is draped in a German decor.  There are lots and lots of flowers.  On Sunday, it was packed.  It was too hot to walk the dogs through town, so we drove up to Wenatchee Lake.  It was a beautiful drive along the Wenatchee River.  There were lots of people enjoying the Lake in this heat.

Leavenworth, Washington
Wenatchee River outside Leavenworth, Washington

On the way back to our campground, we drove around Monitor taking pictures of orchards.  While taking a picture of one orchard, the farm animals across the street had something to say about it.


Fruit crates in Monitor, Washington.
Bridge in Monitor, Washington

We headed Southeast along the Columbia River yesterday.  The temperature hit 103 degrees.  Our campsite is very nice with a great view of the Columbia River.  When the temperature dropped into the high nineties, we went outside in the shade to sit with the dogs.  It didn’t take three minutes for them to start panting.  The bees arrived and harassed us, so we were forced to come back inside.  We managed to get a short walk in before the sunset.  The weather is expected to remain hot, so we’ll be exploring by car over the next few days.  With the dogs, we look for restaurants with outdoor seating that will allow us to bring them.  But, it is even too hot for that.

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  1. I have been to Leavenworth many times but has always been in the winter. There are certain times the passes closes so is tricky but so beautiful. Everything is decorated for Christmas and they have people sledding, etc. it was such a beautiful town and really put you in the mood for Christmas. We just got home last night. A few days ago when we came through Needles, CA it was 123. I thought we were going to die it was so miserable.

    • I guess I should be happy that it only went up to 104 here! Yowser!

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