Month: August 2018

Bird Sanctuary at Estes Park

August 24, 2018 This morning, we went in search of moose.  We went to Brainard Lake near the Indian Peaks Wilderness.  We did not see any moose, so we hiked to Long Lake.  We didn’t see any moose, but the views were incredible.  Of… Continue Reading “Bird Sanctuary at Estes Park”


August 23, 2018 The night after we saw the wild mustangs near Cody, it rained hard.  We were hoping that would get rid of some of the smoke.  Instead, it was far, far worse.  Apparently, a cool front brought a lot of the British… Continue Reading “Elk”

Wild Mustangs

August 19, 2018 The night before yesterday it rained, so we woke up to beautiful weather and the clearest skies we have seen in weeks.  It was the first time in awhile there wasn’t smoke in the air. We headed to the Bighorn Canyon… Continue Reading “Wild Mustangs”

Greater Yellowstone

August 18, 2018 We left Red Lodge to head to Cody, Wyoming.  I love the Greater Yellowstone area.  It is beautiful and full of wildlife.  It is a large area with few roads.  The distances are long out here. We didn’t have far to… Continue Reading “Greater Yellowstone”

Beartooth and Chief Joseph Highways

August 16, 2018 I think the whole west is smoky right now.  We may have moments in the morning where it doesn’t seem so bad, but as the day progresses the smoke and haze increase. After we left Glacier National Park area, we headed… Continue Reading “Beartooth and Chief Joseph Highways”

Going-to-the-Sun Road Closed – Fire!

August 13, 2018 It’s a good thing we went on the Going-to-the-Sun Road on Sunday.  I had thought about doing it Monday or Tuesday to get away from week-ends crowds.  But, the weather was good, so we went on Sunday.  As you may recall… Continue Reading “Going-to-the-Sun Road Closed – Fire!”

Leaky Mountains

August 12, 2018 Yesterday we headed to Glacier National Park.  We thought the smoky situation would get better after we got over the mountains in Idaho, but it got progressively worse as we neared the park.  We could barely see the mountains when we… Continue Reading “Leaky Mountains”

Trip Planning

August 10, 2018 We left the west side of the Cascades and headed across Washington state to Spokane.  It was very smoky the whole way.  When we watched the news, it said that the smoke from the California wildfires was entering Washington on both… Continue Reading “Trip Planning”

Cooking in the RV with Smart Cookware

August 9, 2018 Yesterday we took Coco back to Jason.  She is a very sweet little dog.  We had a nice dinner with Jason and Dan last evening and got to see their pictures from their recent trip to Iceland, Sweden, and Norway.  Beautiful! … Continue Reading “Cooking in the RV with Smart Cookware”

Post Fire

August 2, 2018 We found out that there were 3 fires in the area within the last two months that have burned an extensive part of this area.  (Here is a link that shows pictures of one of the fires.  Click here.) One fire… Continue Reading “Post Fire”