Trip Planning

Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State.

August 10, 2018

We left the west side of the Cascades and headed across Washington state to Spokane.  It was very smoky the whole way.  When we watched the news, it said that the smoke from the California wildfires was entering Washington on both sides of the Cascades.  Today, the Puget Sound area was going to get some fresh air coming off the Pacific through the Strait, so it was expected to be cooler and less smoky.  Not so on the east side of the Cascades.

We saw an active wildfire on the way.  There were lots of fire fighters and equipment, but it appeared to be a low intensity fire.  It appeared mostly under control.  It wasn’t like those videos we’ve been seeing about the fires in California – thank goodness.

It’s hot, hot, hot here.  It’s probably the worst we have encountered so far.  The campground has a little agility course in the dog park.  In spite of the heat, Dart was very enthusiastic about running it.  He did very well.  I need to double down on my efforts to get him back into agility training when we get home.  There aren’t many trials around us in Florida, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go to training regularly.

I wanted to mention how we do our trip planning.  Four years ago, when we started this RVing stuff, Regis found a software package called RVtripwizard.  We started using it for our first trip and the software has been continuously improved over the years.  We love it.  It shows all the campgrounds and links to their websites and reviews.  I usually look for a campground 250 to 300 miles from our last stop and the software makes it easy to do that.

When I decided to go to Washington state again this summer, I let RVtripwizard tell me the shortest path from Florida to Washington and then selected my stops along that path.  On the way home, our last “cool” stop will be in New Mexico.  So, I let RVtripwizard tell me the fastest way home from there and I have made some preliminary plans for stops.

I think it is time for us to get home.  I think that some couples can spend only some much time together in a confined space.  Regis has been yelling at the GPS a lot lately and it’s getting worse.  I have to calm him down.  The GPS doesn’t seem to do well in the west, but it does eventually get you there.  My Uncle Tom believes in maps and there are certainly days that he is correct.  A combination of the two is probably best.

The other night we were headed back to our campground from Seattle and I couldn’t remember the campground address.  I plugged in Main Street for the nearest town (which is a half mile from our campground).  I set off in the dark and the GPS eventually told us we had arrived at our destination and, I’m not kidding, we were in the middle of a cornfield.  There was tall corn on the left and tall corn on the right.  With it being dark and no other lights but my headlights, I felt like I was in some kind of video game.  I had to stop in the middle of this dark road and regroup with the GPS.  I eventually found out where we needed to go and we were probably about 2 miles from our campground.

We have only turned on our TV about 5 times since we got the motor home 3 years ago (and we have 3 TV’s!).  Most of that was to watch the local news.  When we got to our campsite today, it was very hot outside.  Not appealing.  I took Dart to the dog park and when I got back Regis was watching a game show.  The worst part, he was yelling at the contestant for being so stupid about the decisions.  Regis was correct with the logic, but are you kidding me.  If Regis is going to start watching game shows and yelling at the TV, we have got to do something with him.   Maybe we need something to break to give him something to do.

If you are going to do some RV traveling, get good software like RVTripwizard for planning, get a good GPS, and get some maps for the areas you will travel.

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  1. I find a pile of wood with a maul relieves these problems. I never scream at game shows nor seldom watch TV. The maul is the trick, one of the few things I agree with a President Reagan!

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