Matanzas River

LindaBurek_WildifeNature 2
Pelican over the Matanzas River.

October 18, 2018

Last Sunday, we kayaked on the Matanzas River near the Matanzas Inlet.  The river meets the ocean at the inlet.  It was a beautiful day, so there were lots of folks out enjoying the water.  That meant there were lots of boats.  I would not kayak that particular area again on a week-end with good weather.  There were too many boats and a couple times I thought I was going to get run over.

20181018 6
Mango and Tango waiting to be mounted on the roof racks after a beautiful day on the Matanzas River. We put it on Rattlesnake Island.

There were lots of dogs enjoying boating.  I can’t see Dart enjoying the water and boating like the dogs we saw today.

20181018 1
Dog enjoying the water near the Matanzas Inlet.
20181018 2
A couple of dogs out for a ride on the Matanzas River.

I often see dolphins in this area, but I think they wisely stayed away with all the human activity.  We got a nice view of a Reddish Egret and lots of Pelicans.

20181018 3
Reddish Egret on the Matanzas River.
20181018 4
Pelicans on the Matanzas River.
20181018 5
Pelican on the Matanzas River.

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