Wood Stork

Wood Stork on Anastasia Island.

By Linda (November 9, 2018)

I love Wood Storks.  They are ancient looking and beautiful in their own way.   This stork was hanging out by the Ark Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation center hoping there would be fish available.  If the Ark has more fish than they need for their current patients, the extra fish are tossed to the birds waiting outside who are happy to quickly dispose of the leftovers.

I went to the marsh again this morning to watch the sunrise.  It was particularly beautiful.  Following are some favorite pictures.  I also got a confirmed siting of my first Clapper Rail.  I’ve heard them many times, but they have eluded me and I have never see one.  Not only did I see one today, but I got a picture too!

Sunrise over the salt marsh
Sunrise over the salt marsh
Sunrise over the salt marsh
Clapper Rail

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