Boat-tailed Grackle sitting on a spotting scope.
A Boat-tailed Grackle checking out my camera equipment. After looking it over, he stared at me while I took his picture.

November 28, 2018

Yesterday, when I was taking pictures in the morning and jumped in the car to warm up, a Boat-tailed Grackle came to check out my camera and scope.  We were nicely entertained.

Three Boat-tailed Grackles
Boat-tailed Grackles entertaining us while we warmed up in the car.  I call them the parking lot birds.  In the south, they are often found in parking lots. 

This morning we went to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge to watch the sunrise.  It was amazing.  It was also freezing, literally.  There were pockets of frost in the refuge.  I used a remote shutter release for the camera so I could keep my hands tucked into my jacket.  It was worth braving the cold.  The sunrise was absolutely beautiful.  And, we got to watch hundreds of birds fly on a bird highway to who knows where.  I suspect they were leaving the places where they had roosted for the night and were heading to the Gulf for breakfast.  We could recognize the silhouettes of many of them like the Great Egrets and Ibises, but some we were not sure of.

Sunrise over St. Mark's National Wildlife Refuge
Sunrise over St. Mark’s National Wildlife Refuge

We got the results of Dart’s biopsy and it is not cancerous.  Yipee!

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