Clapper Rail

Clapper Rail in the salt marsh
Clapper Rail in the salt marsh

December 30, 2018

For a few years now, I’ve been hearing the sound of Clapper Rails in the salt marshes but never saw one.  I would try to sneak up on them on my kayak when I heard them, but they would become silent and I couldn’t see them.

When I started going out on the boardwalk over the salt marsh in our community to watch the sunrise, I started to get lucky.  Occasionally, a Clapper Rail would come out of the grasses and run along side or under the boardwalk.

On one particular morning, I was able to get some video of these elusive birds.









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    • Interesting. I’ll pay attention next time I see one and see what kind of prints they leave. I saw turkeys near the marsh recently but I don’t know if they go in the marsh.

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