File Cleanup

Linda under an arch near Moab, Utah

I’ve been spending some time trying to clean up my photos. I think I have been doing this once a year over the last couple years and never get it quite right. But, I’m getting there. Most of my old photos are only good for family memories. There aren’t that many great photos with me being a novice photographer and not having great lenses. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun going through them.

I came upon this photo taken in 2003 when Regis and I flew to Utah to visit several of the parks. We went on a hike off the beaten path and came upon this arch. If you look closely, you will see me under the arch with outstretched hands. We did not encounter a single person on this hike. It was an amazing experience.

My lesson learned: Get out of the National Parks and visit the surrounding areas. They have many treasures to see and they are not as crowded.

2 Comments on “File Cleanup

  1. That’s a wonderful photo and really shows the grandeur of the western United States and the power of wind and water.

    I admire that you’re doing the Marie Kondo ‘KonMari’ clean-up of your photos. I have almost 12,000 photos on my phone alone. I’m sure there are tens-of-gigabytes of photos on my laptop at home. The majority of photos on my phone are from art classes I’ve taken, documenting the technique being taught or the resulting project. They could certainly be weeded/pruned and organized into a how-to visual document for the project. So many of the other photos are just junk. I am a digital hoarder! It’s past time to get started with the decluttering and organizing.


  2. It’s nearly impossible to go back and find something if you don’t have it organized and tagged. It’s a lot of work. I’m hoping to do a better job keeping up with it moving forward so it is never this much work. Good luck!!


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