Chickadee perhaps nesting in our Bluebird box.

by Linda

Have patience with us. We’ve been quite busy with the move, me volunteering, and Regis starting a seasonal job. Lots of cool things have been happening, but we haven’t done a good job of capturing them. Moving forward, we hope to improve on that.

The new house is amazing. There is lots of wildlife. We have a couple racoons that travel through the yard every evening. Last evening, I was watering some plants and Dart was accompanying me when the racoon came through. Dart barked, of course. The racoon went off and did it’s racoon thing. Dart wanted to show who’s boss and promptly peed and pooped where the racoon passed through. I guess that’s Dart’s way of swearing.

We see and hear lots of wildlife here and I’ve recently begun to try to capture the drama. We put up a Bluebird box and it was immediately checked out by a Bluebird pair. Apparently, the female was interested in a more rustic home and the pair departed. We see a male every so often, but no luck on them nesting.

In the meantime, a pair of Chickadees showed up. I almost named this post, Lazy Chickadees, but that might be unfair. I don’t really know what’s going on with them. A few days now I’ve seen one of them go to our Crepe Myrtle to pull off some nesting material. The bird flies to the box, comes back a time or two, and gives up. It’s almost like the effort of bringing a few pieces of nesting material was exhausting and requires a day’s rest.

QThe birds came back the next day and did the same thing. They brought of few pieces of nesting material and then left. At this rate, they will never procreate while they are still alive.

Perhaps they are too young and are just playing house. Perhaps they aren’t quite ready to commit. I don’t know. But, a brief video is below.

Regis has been my video editor and he now works full time at Lowes for the season. So, I have to edit my own video. I have a learning curve here to get it right. Have patience with me. I’m still capable of learning and will figure it out.

I have great plans for stuff I want to capture and I hope to be successful. A top priority is the beautiful racoon that shows up regularly. The racoon has golden ears. The only time I saw that was a couple months ago when Regis and I saw some baby racoons in the marsh that all had golden ears.

I recently led a bird walk at the GTM Reserve with the help of a friend. It was a great walk and we saw a racoon and a bunch of baby alligators. I did not bring my camera since my job was to be the leader, but I intend to go back!!!

We have four ponds on our street and several of them contain young alligators. At the one pond, the little alligator keeps an eye on Dart as we go by. I wonder if he’s thinking “just wait until I grow up”. Dart would be a great meal, but the little alligator is too small right now. Not to worry, Dart is my buddy and I won’t let anything bad happen to him!

3 Comments on “Chickadees

  1. Have you checked out the chickadee nest lately? Would be cool if you got them to nest. We pretty much have them every year nesting. They make their nest out of a lot moss and small stuff. Very soft looking nest. Last year they had 6 babies!! The video was beautiful. Do you have enough room in your yard to put up another nesting box for the bluebirds? Maybe they will come back.


    • The chickadees moved on and some Bluebirds are back. Such drama! I’ll keep you posted on who winds up in the box. I was going to get another box, but I’m not sure it’s worth it. There are lots of cavities in the trees in the back of our property and our box is not yet occupied. We’ll see.


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